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Putting The Wet In Wetland

The way we use water has significant impacts on wetlands and the animals and plants that live there. Water for the environment, or ‘environmental water', is water that is released into rivers, and wetlands to sustain and improve the condition of waterways and wildlife.

Because water is scarce and valuable, Victoria’s Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning has developed WetMAP – the Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Program for environmental water – to investigate how plants and animals respond to watering regimes.

WetMAP focusses on wetland vegetation (including trees), waterbirds, fish and frogs to measure how different parts of the wetland environment respond to watering of different frequencies, duration and timing. This helps inform environmental water management. Wetland ecologists are collecting field data before, during and after water delivery to wetlands and The Frogs Are Calling You is the citizen science component of the WetMAP frog study.

WetMAP is part of an investment by the Victorian Government to improve the health of waterways and catchments and has been developed in collaboration with Catchment Management Authorities, the Victorian Environmental Water Holder and consultant ecologists. The results of the program will also contribute to Murray-Darling Basin Plan reporting.

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